DeKalb, IL



To create brand experience continuity, this modern, stand-alone branch was designed to echo some of the traditional details of NB&T’s headquarters.  Instead of the traditional barrier of a teller line, this open and spacious retail lobby features teller pods to support a universal banker approach to relationship-building. Tellers engage shoulder to shoulder advising customers, and share a computer screen that pivots for customer viewing.  With the barrier removed, tellers may escort a customer into an adjacent office for further discussion as needed.  Plus, tellers may escort customers to the door to say goodbye like a friend or neighbor.

In addition to the lobby, the first floor includes a multifunction waiting and hospitality area, six offices, a vestibule ATM, self-service coin counting, and safe deposit boxes.

The second floor features a central reception and work areas, two conference rooms, six offices, and an employee lounge room. A partial basement houses mechanical systems, information technologies, and archival storage.