Bankorion, Moline




Moline, Illinois



PG worked with BankORION on a turn-key basis from concept to completed construction for this Moline branch. Prefabricated components not only cut the construction time in half but also significantly reduced the cost of this facility. Although some may assume that prefabricated panels are of lesser quality, the opposite is true. Because building panels are constructed indoors in controlled conditions, construction and materials are often of a higher grade than is possible with traditional worksite construction that is subject to weather conditions. The prefabricated exterior and interior panels are bolted together on site in a matter of days rather than weeks, dramatically reducing the customary timeline and correlated costs.

Featuring two drive through lanes and an ATM lane, this bank branch fits perfectly on a one-acre lot. Equipped with all the bells and whistles of a fully branded branch, this project includes state-of-the-art bank equipment, a modern furniture package, signage, and a plasma screen, all coordinated by PG.